Ideas of Modern Fonts
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Ideas of Modern Fonts to Use

Ideas of Modern Fonts to Use choose the one suitable font for artwork. Modern fonts many to choose from. You can choose the one that suitable with your artwork or design. Modern fonts have the characteristic of clean-cut and the combination of thin/thick strokes. They are really great for headings or advertisement. Modern fonts are also looking especially good at large text. If you are looking for modern font that resonate with your design, there are many options to choose.

Using the same fonts over so many design can be boring and monotone. That’s why it is always good to find more ideas of modern English fonts for your design. That way, you can make more impactful design. Fonts have that effects you can use to highlight certain part in your design. That’s why the choice of font does matter even if it looks insignificant for others.

There are so many modern fonts you can pick to help you make stylish and impactful design. Here are several of them:

Many types fonts you can use

Ideas of Modern Fonts
Ideas of Modern Fonts

Sone is such a bold font you can choose for artistic appeal due to its bold vibe. However, its simplicity still gives off gentle vibe to the design so it doesn’t look too sharp or intimidating. There are many fonts weights as well such as regular, italics, bold, thin italics, thin, and more. This font was designed by Aakash Sone in 2009.

Code Pro is also one of the most appealing modern fonts. It has elegant feature combined with clean-cut style. It is great to be used for business logo, prints, posters, etc. that is also great for headings or sub-headings. This font itself was developed by Stetoslav Simov. This font also took inspiration from other modern fonts such as Avant Garde and Futura. Thus, there is some resemblances at some points but they are still distinguishable from each other.

Gabriel Sans was created and inspired from Grotesk and other transitional-looking fonts. It has elegant yet unique style. You can see the appeal of both modern and classic style to this font. Thus, this font is intriguing and interesting to use in many design and artworks. There are about six different weight with variety of width and height to choose from.

Trending fonts in this era

Ideas of Modern Fonts
Ideas of Modern Fonts

Trend font is just like its name is such a trendy font with fresh and modern look. It has various trendy layering featuring the design This font is considered to be special font because its impactful font layouts. However, it doesn’t have any additional elements or unnecessary edges to make it look more appealing. This font was designed by Daniel Hernandez along with Paula Nazal Selaive.

Quadon is such a beautiful modern English font. It has simple yet clean edges. Not to mention that it gives off flexibility that can make you feel free to create your individual design. There are many alternative glyph and other features of typography you can choose to make beautiful and appealing design. With this font, the modern look will be very much highlighted. This font itself was developed by Rene Bieder.